01 October


from October 5st to October 7th

We are at #FallDesignWeek, the new fall event sponsored by the Municipality of Milan@ scheduled from October 1st to October 9th to tell, through meetings,exhibitions and workshops,all that has to do with the design backstage.

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In partnership with Salamanca studio, we will light up with ASTOLFO, GRUS, SUMO and ICEGLOBE floor lamp the Bergognone Space in Bergognone 26 Street, where on 5th, 6th and 7th October is scheduled Marche Creative, Le Fertili Virtu’, thematic workshops on the excellences from Marche region (food / design and fashion) with the aim to promote the reconstruction after the earthquake of last August.

19 September


21-24th September

Third and last international appointment of this month in London at 100% Design 21-24th September, booth L262, where in collaboration with Parrin Interiors, you will see live ASTOLFO and CONCORDE.

16 September

Live from Homi!

Hall 10 Stand D40 H49

Here we are in Homisphere, Hall 10 Stand D40 H49, whose concept is focused on energy savings.

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Among the selected lamps, we find the suspension Sibylla, with DWC system that allows to vary the color temperature of light and the new spotlights Anub and Brill provided with LED Luum, with excellent color rendering index CRI> 97.